Sunday, 3 August 2014

Swift Interview Questions :iOS

What is Swift ?

-----> Swift is a new programming language for iOS and Mac application development. If you are developing an application using swift, you don't need a main function, you don't need to write semicolon at the end of each line.

Swift PlayGround ?

-----> Swift playground is like an instance Feedback. The code written in playground will be resulted in right side in the play ground. It is easy for the developers to get the instance result of their code without running the whole application.

Swift Performance ?

-----> There are various things that has been eliminated from the Swift, like Allocation, Synthesization, Initialization of the object, which we used to do in Objective C. There is no separate file for interface and implementation.

Swift Modern ?

-----> Swift is modern because it supports many concepts like Generics, Closures, Type Interface, Name Space, Multiple return Type, Enums, String Interpolation, Protocols etc. Swift doesn't support pointer concept.

Swift Memory Management ?

-----> Swift uses ARC(Automatic Reference Counting) to manage your application memory. In Swift, ARC automatically frees up the memory used by the class objects, when those objects are no longer used.


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